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Breakfast sucks!

For me breakfast has always been my least favorite meal of the day. I hate cereal! Eggs make me feel like shit. Toast has too many carbs and is blah. But two years ago when I started the process to regain my health, it became a constant conversation with my trainers and the people assisting me with my nutrition…I HAD TO EAT BREAKFAST. EVERY DAMN DAY!! UGH!!! Even if it was just a high quality protein drink and a handful of nuts – which on workout days was almost always my breakfast – I needed to have breakfast of some kind every day. And once I started having breakfast every day I noticed significant changes. My metabolism seemed less sluggish. I felt better when I worked out and had more energy for my workout. I no longer had episodes where I so hangry that by 11:00 am I would be a raving lunatic and would binge on anything in site. So breakfast became a necessary evil – but a daily habit nonetheless.

Now going through chemo I find myself challenged with being able to stomach breakfast, let alone EAT something nutritious. I wake up with an upset stomach. Most things make me heave – usually dry; sometimes not! But I know I need to eat. And breakfast has become a healthy habit. But my usual go to protein drinks, bars, nuts, greek yogurt and other things are not appealing and often not tolerated.

Imagine my surprise to have some little balls of deliciousness come to my rescue. Not schweaty balls – but some delightful energy balls filled with peanut butter and all kinds of healthy goodies. These energy bites (brought to me by my friend Kathy Knuth) have SAVED ME! One or two of these are all I need to have something nutritious to start my day, yet are mild enough to not cause any unmentionable gastric bombshell. These little nuggets are going to be a staple in my kitchen – in sickness or in health!


1 cup cereal or ½ oats, ½ cereal

½ cup peanut butter

½ cup flaxseed meal

1/3 cup honey

½ cup add in (mini chocolate chips, hemp hearts, chia seeds, chopped nuts)

Mix together – refrigerate 30 minutes; then form into balls and refrigerate again.

Substitute freely.

My next batch I’m making with almond butter – but I’m wondering what Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter might taste like!

Stay strong ~ be badass!



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